Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Sanlúcar de Barrameda is a city in the northwest of Cádiz province, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain. Sanlúcar is located on the left bank at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River opposite the Doñana National Park, 53 km from the provincial capital Cádiz and 100 km from Seville, capital of the autonomous region Andalucía.

Sanlúcar is famous for its cuisine, especially manzanilla (a variety of fino sherry) and prawns. It is internationally renowned for flamenco music and beach horse racing, declared of International Tourist Interest. Less well-known, but of great importance for historians, is the Archive of the House of Medina Sidonia, located in the palace of the same name.


Sanlúcar has about 6 km of beaches, within the so-called Costa de la Luz. Principal beaches are:


The most appreciated part of its traditional gastronomy are the aforementioned prawns of Sanlúcar and the Manzanilla, in addition to the fried fish (pescaíto frito), the stews and the products of its renowned orchard, among which the potato (papa) of Sanlúcar. Some of the culinary sanluqueñas specialties are seafood rices, clams, ortiguillas, choco eggs, galeras, shrimp omelete, marinated dogfish, seafood dressing, piriñaca (seasoning with tomato, onion and pepper), roasted peppers with prawns, papas aliñás (seasoned potatoes), and hot garlic (similar to arranque roteño).

Hotel infrastructure:

The majority of visitors to the city are families who have a second home or others who rent flats, chalets or apartments to spend their holidays in this city, since there is a wide offer in this type of residential tourist accommodation. On the other hand, the city currently has a hotel infrastructure that consists of six hotels of different sizes and categories with an overall offer of approximately 300 rooms.

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